Chrysa Koukoura

Artist location: London, UK
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Raised on the island of Rhodes, Greece, followed by the east of England, Chrysa Koukoura then moved to London to study, graduating in 2009 with a degree in graphic design and an eagerness to explore the furthest corners of the world. Fun she had, songs she danced, planes and trains she rode, and Chrysa is now focusing on her illustration work, predominantly making her way through the selling of hand printed posters and greeting cards.

With a slight hesitancy in working with colour, Chrysa uses fine pen on paper with meticulous detail, the aim being to draw the viewer in for a closer look. Chrysa loves the simplicity and the restrictiveness of working in black and white, requiring her to bring something more out of an image that wouldn't usually be there, had colour been involved.

She is eagerly awaiting and planning another adventure; fun to be had, songs to be danced to, planes and trains to be ridden, but this time she will also take her 0.05 fineliners.