Marta Spendowska

Artist location: Green Bay, WI
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Artist bio:

Marta Spendowska is Polish, US-based illustrator, licensed surface pattern designer, and web designer working in the US under both her name (for illustration) and PolishLab (for web design).

A self-taught artist, she comes from a creative family, but never imagined she could make a living as a professional artist. She dropped this dream in her teens. After studying Journalism and eventually graduating with a Masters in Management and Marketing, and then working a dead-end job, Marta decided to leave her life behind and hop on a plane to the US. Having experienced America while completing an internship in Atlanta, GA, she knew it was the place to follow her dreams. "I sold my first painting in Atlanta, sitting on the pavement across from a Whole Foods. That was the moment when I realized how possible it might be to pursue my life as an artist in the US."

Marta works almost exclusively in watercolor and truly believes that the nature of her style is based on this unexpected, fluid medium. She’s been interviewed online and offline, sells her prints on her website, and works with commissioned portraits. Just recently she joined the amazing Directory of Illustration, and is a member of the Wisconsin Visual Artists Guild, and she exhibits her work in galleries.

Marta doesn't have a specific definition of beauty. She's mostly interested in contrast, distortion, sadness, runny colors, mistakes in drawing, personal tragedies, kitsch and obscure pink. Her work is sometimes uplifting, sometimes melancholic, other times abstract, but always emotionally engaging, or so she hopes.